2/1/2 SPC

[pricing_row]P/N: FM-13-FLH-SPC[/fusion_pricing_row]
[pricing_row]Factory 12mm bungs[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Mild Steel[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Inner / Outer SPC Ceramic Coating[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]2 Year Warranty[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]
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2/1/2 Stainless

[pricing_row]P/N: FM-03-FLH[/fusion_pricing_row]
[pricing_row]Dual 12mm / 18mm bungs[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Stainless Steel[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Uncoated Stainless[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Lifetime Warranty[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]
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2/1/2 Ceramic Stainless

[pricing_row]P/N: FM-03-FLH-HTC[/fusion_pricing_row]
[pricing_row]Dual 12mm / 18mm bungs[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Stainless Steel[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Inner / Outer HTC Ceramic Coating[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Lifetime Warranty[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]
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Designed specifically for the performance and tuning characteristics of the twin cam engines these 2/1/2 headpipes provide proven performance gains with a broad torque curve other pipes simply cannot match. The 2/1/2 features full stainless steel construction, Dual 12mm / 18mm bungs (stainless steel models only), CNC mandrel bends, and each pipe is completely tig welded by hand, a true hand build work of art. The true standard for quality and performance.


The 2/1/2 head pipes are also available with an optional multi process HTC / SPC Ceramic interior/exterior coating for maximum heat reduction. This is an absolute top shelf coating and is a proprietary offering from Fuel Moto. If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-729-4754 Toll Free or 920-423-3309 Local/Outside USA.

  • Retains factory heat shields & factory cross-over (full sized X-Over is compatible).
  • Exclusive “Tandem-Flow” large diameter merge collector design to allow maximum flow and convergence.
  • Dual 12mm & 18mm oxygen sensor bungs on stainless models to accomodate stock and wideband O2 sensors.
  • Each pipe is completely tig welded, a true hand build work of art.
  • 304 Series Stainless Steel construction
  • Made in USA.
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Beware of imitations and demand the best!

The 2/1/2 headpipes are the highest quality, best performing headpipes on the market.
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