E-Zilla 2-into-1 Full System

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[pricing_row]Evolutionary E-Series Elliptical Diffuser Discs[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Absolute top quality, show chrome plating[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Supports 135-180Hp[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_row]Reasonable dB level compared to a straight thru core[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]
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  • Features large stepped 1.875″ to 2.00″ primaries
  • Ceramic coated header
  • Superior tunability and overall performance
  • Dual 12mm & 18mm bungs (plugs included)
  • Fits 1999-2016 FLH models (1999-2008 requires trans mount bracket)
Fuel Moto has partnered with D&D to offer the E-Zilla, the ultimate tunable 2/1 system for high output FLH applications. The Fuel Moto E-Zilla 2/1 system is based on the D&D Boarzilla header pipe along with our Fuel Moto E-Series muffler which features our elliptical disc tuning system. Our evolutionary disc system allows tuners & enthusiasts alike full tunability to give the motor what it wants/needs, as well as the ability to achieve the sound level they desire. Tuning discs are easily added or removed in minutes and user adjustability is better than any other system on the market. The E-Series muffler allows for superior horsepower & torque, along with a much more reasonable dB level compared to a straight thru core. The E-Zilla pipe uses large stepped 1.875″ to 2.00″ primaries and this system is designed specifically for motors making 135-180Hp. For motors making below this level we recommend the Fuel Moto E-Series 2/1 system which can be found here.
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E-Series offers the perfect balance of tuneability and performance!

Engineered to provide the best combination of horsepower, torque, sound, and throttle response.
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